Orthomedical.in launches new website

In this week’s blog from www.orthomedical.in, we are proud to announce that we have redesigned our website so as to make it easier for our users to not only decide on the right products which will help them to relieve pain but also make it easier to purchase the product. In addition to that, we have added new range of medical products for pain relief, support, rehabilitation and prevention. 

We have divided our product range into 10 Categories. Each category has products which helps to solve a particular condition. The categories and products are as follow.. 



Back Support & Treatment

Back Treatment and Support Belt Disk Dr. WG30 Max

Back Traction and Support Belt WG50 Double

Back Support WG30 LSO

Neck Support Treatment

Disk Dr. Neck CS300 Neck Traction Therapy

Neck Traction Therapy Disk Dr. Neck NG 20

Pain Management


Knee Pain Relief – Join Max

JQ5c Pain Pod – Pain Relief

Support & Braces

Exo Ankle Brace

Extender Arm Support

Hernia Support

Cervical Collar Soft Eyelet

Wrist Brace

Wrist Thumb Brace

Fixed Walker Boot

Adjustable Walker Boot

Pro Action Knee Brace

ROM Knee Brace

Tri Panel Knee Splint

Orthopaedic Back Rest Long Type

Foot Care

Heel Pad (silicone)

Heel Pad (GEL)

Heel Cushion (Silicone)

Cervical Splint

Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable

Cervical Collar Hard

Cervical Immobilizer / Philadelphia Collar

Philadelphia Collar Economy/ ESL collar

Back Splint

Taylor (Spinal) Brace Ordinary/ Dorso Lumbar Brace

Taylor (Spinal) Brace Deluxe/ Dorso Lumbar Brace

Sternal Splint (After Heart Surgery Belt)

Knee Calf Ankle Splint

Elastic Tubular Knee Support Deluxe

Elastic Tubular Knee Support With Hinges (Single)

Elastic knee support with hinges

Functional Knee Support

Fracture Aids

Cuff & Collar

Universal Shoulder Immobilizer Ordinary

Adjustable Pouch Arm Sling Ordinary

Adjustable Pouch Arm Sling Deluxe

Arm Sling Strap


Wrist Splint Long type

Wrist Splint Short Type

We look forward to serving you better.. 


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