In this week’s blog from Orthomedical India, we will discuss 20 facts about Back Treatment and SupportBelt Disk Dr. WG30 Gold


 Fact1-Strong medical magnet of 1600 Gauss quickly removes lower back pain

Fact2-Ergonomically designed air cells designed to fit the natural curvature of the lumbar spine

Fact3- Simple to use, allows self-treatment, active rehabilitation

Fact4-Air holes inserted to optimize aeration flow. 100% cotton inner lining. Machine washable

Fact5-Provides continuous therapeutic relief from lumbar intervertebral disc herniation

Fact6- Can be worn and used for over 12 hours per session depends on patients medical conditions

Fact7-Deodorizes and kills bacteria (99.9% deodorization after 18 hours)

Fact8- DiskDr. Won the Gold Medal in the medical category at the INPEX SHOW

Fact9 -Fasten belt around the waist snugly, not too tight

Fact10 -ISO13485 Certification by SGS in England (International Quality System Medical Devices)

Fact11- FDA ER No.9611754 in USA

Fact12 – Patent No.142202 in Korea, Patent No.2911437 in Japan

Fact13- Patent No.5980560 in USA, Patent No.128635 in China

Fact14- Four permanent magnets placed within waist area of the belt removes pain.

Fact15- WG 30 is available in USA on Medicare and other major insurance

Fact16- Not only widens & supports lumbar vertebrae but also forces muscles around the waist to exercise more

Fact17- One-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Fact18 – Unique & patented air-traction design sets WG 30 apart. Other belts solely restrict movement of lumbar spine

Fact19 – Allows high degree of mobility thereby helping sportsmen and people with active lifestyle

Fact20 – Because Disk Dr. is thin even when worn inside clothing it is not noticeable. All day to day normal activities can be conducted while wearing Disk Dr.


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