In this week’s blog from Orthomedical India, we shall analyse the merits of knee braces and the various kinds of braces that are used in diverse situations. We would also like to inform our subscribers that there is going to be a hike in the prices of the products of our company with effect from 1 September 2013. The hike tariffs will be announced in the next weeks newsletter.

Knee braces are supports that you wear for a painful or injured knee. Some people use them to prevent knee injuries during sports. Braces are made from combinations of metal, foam, plastic, elastic material and straps. They come in many sizes, colours and designs.There are four main kinds of knee braces:·         Prophylactic  braces. These are designed to protect knees from injuries during contact sports like football.

·         Functional braces. These give support to knees that have already been injured.

·         Rehabilitative braces. These limit harmful knee movement while a knee is healing after an injury or surgery.

·         Unloader/offloader braces. These are designed to provide relief to people who have arthritis in their knees.

In general, functional braces, rehabilitative braces and unloader braces are the most effective. Braces help some people more than others. Some people are afraid that knee braces may actually increase the number of knee injuries in athletes. In general, most people who wear knee braces feel that they help. The need for a brace should be determined by your doctor.

Different knee problems require different knee braces. Your doctor may suggest one kind of knee brace after knee surgery. Some doctors may choose another kind of knee brace for support instead of surgery for a torn knee ligament. You may also need a knee brace for pain in the front of your knee that isn’t getting better with strengthening and flexibility exercises.

Pro Action Knee Brace

The Pro-Action Knee Brace is an advanced medical device used to increase the knee stability due to a ACL/DCL deficient. It is also recommended for low to medium impact sports. Indications for use are; Knee instability due to anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL) deficient and to restrict the range of motion after reconstructive surgery. 

ROM Knee Brace

ROM Knee Brace for post – operative immobilisation or ROM control, injured or operated collateral and /or cruciate ligaments. Its excellent collateral stabilisation via long side-bars prevents valgus or varus deviation. The brace also prevents hyperextension and limit ROM by adjustable dial lock hinges.  Indications for use are Post – operative immobilisation or ROM control, Injured or operated collateral and/or cruciate ligaments. 

Tri Panel Knee Splint

Tri Panel knee Splint  brace is recommended for Post – operative immobilisation, pre – operative immobilisation due to pain, patella dislocation, conservative treatment of ligament injury, acute anterior knee pain. It is a three piece design for precise fit having removable medial, lateral and posterior stays. It is Comfortable to wear, washable, skin friendly terry towelling cloth material. The splint has Velcro® straps with loop closures for simple fitting.

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