Dear Subscribers,
Orthomedical India will be celebrating the forthcoming Independence Day celebrations in a very special way. We will be launching a unique “Freedom of Choice from Painful Living” offer to our customers from 12-18 August 2013 as a part of this year’s Independence Day celebrations. The offer will be in the form of 5% discount on a selected range of products of Orthomedical India. The offer will be valid till 18 August 2013. We would also like to inform our customers that there will be a price hike of 5% from September 1, 2013. So this is a wonderful opportunity for the customers and clients to purchase products at these discount rates and prior to the price hike.
The six selected products and their discount voucher codes are listed below
Independence Week Price : Rs.16,140
Discount code :FRDM WG30
Price from September 1 : Rs.17,850
Independence Week Price: Rs.16, 140
Discount code: FRDM WG50
Price from September 1: Rs.17,850
Independence Week Price: Rs.20,415
Discount code: FRDM LSO
Price from September 1: Rs.22,565
Independence Week Price: Rs.15,190
Discount Code: FRDM JM
Price from September 1: Rs.16,790
Independence Week Price: Rs.18,040
Discount code; FRDM CS300
Price from September 1: Rs.19850
Independence Week Price:  Rs.16,140
Discount code: FRDM NG20
Price from September 1: Rs.17,850

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