We are joyous to celebrate the anniversary of Orthomedical India this week! On this wonderful occasion we will be offering 10% discount on six selected premium products of our company and the offer will be valid from 5-11 August, 2013.

The six selected products and their discount voucher codes are listed below.

Back Traction and Support Belt WG30                 http://orthomedical.in/back-treatment-and-support-belt-disk-dr-wg30-max-425288

Discount Voucher Code: BWG30


Back Traction and Support Belt WG50 Double   http://orthomedical.in/back-traction-and-support-belt-wg50-double-425289

 Discount Voucher Code: BWG50

 Back Support WG30 LSO                                         http://orthomedical.in/back-support-wg30-lso-425341

Discount Voucher Code: BLSO

Neck Traction Therapy Disk Dr. Neck NG-20   http://orthomedical.in/disk-dr-neck-cs300-neck-traction-therapy-425345

Discount Voucher Code:  NG20

 Neck Traction Therapy Disk Dr. Neck CS300    http://orthomedical.in/disk-dr-neck-cs300-neck-traction-therapy-425345

 Discount Voucher Code: NCS300

Knee Pain Relief – Join Max                                   http://orthomedical.in/knee-pain-relief-join-max-425443

Discount Voucher Code: KJM

In this week’s newsletter we shall share the journey of this initiative called “ORTHOMEDICAL” aimed to help people to lead a pain free happy life.

The founder of Ortho Medical Ltd (UK), Ron, was suffering from back pain since 1999. By the summer of 2008, he was unable to get out of bed. He underwent tests and was diagnosed with herniated discs (MRI August of 2008 L5-S1 9mm, L4-L5 5mm). Having tried different treatments, none of which were effective, he was shocked when the doctors suggested that surgery was the only answer. Lying in a bed for two month, he was unable to get up and was waiting for spine surgery. It was at this moment that he accidentally came across Disk Dr. belt in the internet. Initially, he wasn’t optimistic about the product due to the fact that he had tried 3 different types of belts in the past. However, the Disk Dr. clinical results were so impressive that he decided to try it for himself.

Ron started using the belt in summer of 2008. By March 2009, i.e. within 6 months of usage, it had not only improved his condition but had also made him fit to travel overseas on business trips. Because the Disk Dr. Waist WG30 belt made such a significant difference to his life, he wanted to share this unique, patented, scientifically proven product with other back pain sufferers. Therefore, in 2009, the company Ortho Medical was established to supply the range of Disk Dr. products to the public and medical practitioners.

Ron used Disk Dr. WG30 every day for 2 years. This not only  made him free of lower back and sciatica pain for the first time in 10 years, but herniation changed shape and became smaller.

OrthomedicalIndia is on a mission to bring the best of healthcare devices from round the world to India so as to address growing needs of the people affected with orthopedic disorders. Our website features innovative orthopedic and medical products for pain relief, support, rehabilitation and prevention.  The products showcased in the website have been clinically proven and are patented. Therefore, we tend to stand out from other competitors in the Indian market. We are committed to maintain the highest standards of excellence in the quality and consistency of its products and services.



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