In this week’s blog from Orthomedical.in we would like to share a few of the valuable testimonials from the happy customers of Orthomedical India. They have taken the decision to say goodbye to painful life and lead a pain free life by making Disk Dr. WG 30 as a part of their lives. We hope these words of joy from the ones who have benefited from the innovative back support and traction therapy of Disk Dr. WG30 will guide those leading a painful life of back pain to take a positive step to lead a pain free life.

“I have to say that Disk Dr. WG30 has transformed my life.I have a severely prolapsed disc at level L5/S1 and had been placed on the NHS waiting list for a discectomy operation. In my search to find some form of support belt to enable me to get back into the woods (I am a coppice woodsman) whilst I wait for an operation, I came across the Disk Dr. WG30. Reading all the information I could find on it, it made complete sense to my logical brain that a traction belt would almost certainly relieve the pain enough for me to get back on my life.

Using the Disk Dr. as recommended, I have found that not only am I nerve pain free, but I am also able to work once again to full capacity. So much so, I have taken myself off the waiting list for this high risk operation and, I have reduced my strong pharmaceutical pain killers to less than half of what I was using before I got the belt.Putting on the belt and inflating it to 14psi makes my sciatica “evaporate” within approximately 2 minutes. What a brilliant device! Thank you so much!” A user from Norfolk, UK

“I have been using it daily and find that it really relieves back stress. I have a scoliosis and with age my rib cage is sinking more and more into my hips and that causes some pain which I happily find the belt remedies. This was a great purchase and worth every moment of wearing it. RELIEF! .. I would like to add that wearing the belt while sitting at the computer for hours helps me beware of not collapsing into the scoliosis curve which in part causes pain but also helps aid the curves decent” – A user from New Delhi, India

“I thank you very much. My pain has reduced about 70 % now and I am feeling much better.” – A user from Kolkata, India

“I received the WG30 today, very quick. I now have it on and it feels good so hopefully it will do some good. Thank you very much for your quick service.”  – A user from Delhi, India

“The Disk Dr. WG30 belt has made a significant contribution to my rate of recovery and I would recommend it to anyone who has the sort of back pain that I have had.” A user from Buckinghamshire, UK



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