4 exercises to banish your back pain

A number of our subscribers had requested for exercises which would help them to banish their back pain. We came across few exercises in Reader’s Digest and have presented them here. This is for reference purposes only and should be carried out only under careful supervision. In case the pain is severe, Disk Dr.WG 30 can provide back support and treatment. Following a stretching routine can keep tendons, ligaments, and joints limber and help relieve muscle tension and arthritis pain. The following stretches target the postural muscles to help relieve muscle pain, and improve your range of motion.

Knee Hug
Target: lower back

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Exhale as you use your abs and hips to pull your knees toward your chest. Place your arms behind your knees with your palms on your elbows. Use your arms to pull your knees closer to your chest. Hold for two to three seconds, then release your legs, lowering your feet slowly to the floor. Repeat.

To increase this stretch, raise your chin to your knees as you hug your knees to your chest.

Cobra (Press Ups)
Target: abs and lower back

Lie facedown on the floor with your hands near your shoulders, palms against the floor. Exhale as you start to straighten your arms to raise your upper body, keeping your elbows tucked close to your sides. Keep your hips and lower body relaxed and on the floor. Stop when you begin to feel a stretch in your lower back or waist. Hold for two seconds before lowering yourself to the original position. Repeat.

Side Twist
Target: entire side-muscle groups, from outer thighs and hips to upper back

Lie on your back, your arms out to the sides, your knees bent, and your feet flat on the floor. Exhale as you lower both legs slowly to the left, keeping your knees together and bent. With your left hand, gently press down on your right leg until you feel a strong stretch along your right side. Inhale as you raise your legs toward center. Repeat for two to four reps, then switch sides.

To intensify this stretch, bring your upper leg slightly forward as you lower your legs to the side.

Cat’s Back
Target: upper and lower back and spine

Rest on your hands and knees, keeping your back flat. Exhale as you curl your back upward and lower your head until you’re looking at your abdomen. Hold for a moment. Inhale as you lower your back slowly until it is arced as far as comfortable, raising your head so you’re looking up toward the ceiling. Repeat.


20 Amazing facts about Back support & treatment belt WG30


There are 20 amazing facts which sets Back support and treatment belt WG 30 aside from other belts available in the market.

Fact 1 -Strong medical magnet of 1600 Gauss quickly removes lower back pain

Fact 2 – Ergonomically designed air cells designed to fit the natural curvature of the lumbar spine

Fact 3– Simple to use, allows self-treatment, active rehabilitation

Fact 4– Air holes inserted to optimize aeration flow.

Fact 5 – Provides continuous therapeutic relief from lumbar intervertebral disc herniation

Fact 6 – Can be worn and used for over 12 hours per session depends on patients medical conditions

Fact 7 – Deodorizes and kills bacteria (99.9% deodorization after 18 hours)

Fact 8 – Disk Dr. Won the Gold Medal in the medical category at the INPEX SHOW

Fact 9 – Fasten belt around the waist snugly, not too tight

Fact 10 – ISO13485 Certification by SGS in England (International Quality System Medical Devices)

Fact 11–  WG 30 is US FDA registered. FDA ER  No.9611754 in USA

Fact 12 – The product has been patented across the world Patent No.142202 in Korea, Patent No.2911437 in Japan, Patent No.5980560 in USA, Patent No.128635 in China

Fact 13– WG 30 has 100% cotton inner lining and is Machine washable

Fact 14– Four permanent magnets placed within waist area of the belt removes pain.

Fact 15 –  WG 30 is available in USA on Medicare and other major insurance

Fact 16 – WG 30 not only widens & supports lumbar vertebrae but also forces muscles around the waist to exercise more

Fact 17–  WG 30 has one-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Fact 18 – Unique & patented air-traction design sets WG 30 apart. Other belts solely restrict movement of lumbar spine.

Fact 19 – Allows high degree of mobility thereby helping sportsmen and people with active lifestyle

Fact 20 – Because Disk Dr. is thin even when worn inside clothing it is not noticeable. All day to day normal activities can be conducted while wearing Disk Dr.

Avoiding Back Pain – Self-Help Tips

ImageAt www.orthomedical.in, we recently came across an article in MTM which provided self help tips for avoiding back pain for reference purposes. We were surprised to know that 4 out of 5 people experience back pain, making it the fifth most common reason for doctor visits.  The intensity can vary from a constant dull ache to a persistent sharp pain. In severe cases, back pain can be debilitating and surgery may be needed. Many of our patrons have bought our product Disk Dr.WG 30 after they were advised to go in for surgery. But the regular usage of Disk Dr.WG 30 have not only helped them to avoid surgery but also made them free of back pain condition. In fact, the founder of Ortho Medical Ltd (UK), Ron, was suffering from back pain since 1999. By the summer of 2008, he was unable to get out of bed. He underwent tests and was diagnosed with herniated discs (MRI August of 2008 L5-S1 9mm, L4-L5 5mm). Having tried different treatments, none of which were effective, he was shocked when the doctors suggested that surgery was the only answer. Lying in a bed for two month, he was unable to get up and was waiting for spine surgery. It was at this moment that he accidentally came across Disk Dr. belt, which was being manufactured by his friend’s company. Initially, he wasn’t optimistic about the product due to the fact that he had tried 3 different types of belts in the past. However, the Disk Dr. clinical results were so impressive that he decided to try it for himself. After the regular use of WG 30 for 2 years,  he became not only free of lower back and sciatica pain for the first time in 10 years, but herniation changed shape and became smaller.

To provide relief and prevention, self-help tips can be applied to avoid back pain altogether.They are very user-friendly and employ common sense practices that will promote a healthier lifestyle minimizing or eliminating pain, discomfort, and invasive treatments.

Below are some self-help and prevention examples:

1.  Take your wallet out of your back pocket.

2.  Use caution when lifting.

3.  Leave the skinny jeans in the drawer and keep the high heels in the closet.

4.   Adjust your sleeping position.

5.  Increase your exercise to promote strong bones and muscles.

These easy-to-follow self-help and prevention tips can become life-long habits in the quest to avoid back pain.  In most cases, back pain disappears in a few days and should you experience discomfort, trying these self-help tips should decrease pain.

Do it yourself tricks for providing Immediate relief for Neck Pain

We recently came across an article in mind body green which provided for reference purposes 6 Do it yourself Tips for providing Immediate relief for Neck Pain. This was written by Stephanie Slon who is a Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner living in Grande Prairie Alberta. For our readers, we have reproduced these six tricks which can be done right now so as to give yourself a break from the pain in your neck, without popping any medication.

1. Grab each toe gently by the ball and stretch and rotate each of all ten toes. You might feel some crunching, some tenderness, but you’ll definitely feel some relief. (That crunching is toxins releasing, although it may not feel great, it is great for you)

2. With the palm of your hand bend all ten toes backwards towards you, stretching your toes and the balls of your feet. Start at ten seconds each foot, and work your way up from there.

3. Stretch your toes out and away from each other without touching them. (This one is great for when it’s not appropriate to rub or stretch your neck – no one can see what you’re doing!)

4. Pull your toes apart from each other. Separate them from side to side until you can make a 90 degree angle between all of your toes. This one hurts, especially in those with bad shoulders. Keep at it.

5. Stretch your hamstrings and the insides of your knees. The tendons that run from our toes to our necks go through our inner knee and hamstrings. Keeping these tendons stretched and supple helps straighten our toes out and relieve neck tension. Familiar with yoga? Try the Uttanasana, Paschimottana, Upavistha, Prasarita Padottanasana and Upavistha Konasana poses. Not familiar with yoga? Do something to change that – it’s the cheapest, easiest way to solve neck and shoulder issues, regardless of the cause. Til then, this site has lots of great bending stretches that will work miracles in solving your issues. 

6. Right now – take a deep breath in. Notice where your breath goes. Does your chest rise, or does your stomach push out? Chances are, it’s your chest and shoulders that move up and down. In today’s vanity based society, we keep our stomachs pulled in tight all the time to maintain the appearance of a trim midsection. The problem with this is it keeps our necks and shoulders tense. 

Put your hand over your belly button, now when you breathe in try to push your hand out without moving your shoulders. Feel that? It’s next to impossible to hold on to neck and shoulder tension while belly breathing – which is also called “Authentic Breathing” because it’s how we are meant to be taking in our air. Inhale deep into your stomach, take in as much air as you can, and exhale, fully letting go. While ideally, this is how you should breathe all the time, start off slowly when you notice your tension building. On top of releasing shoulder tension, “Authentic Breathing” also relieves anxiety, is a natural way todetox, is energizing, helps clear your mind and helps bring you into the moment, keeping you present. 

Set aside a little time at night and make it a ritual. No candles or quiet time necessary, you can do this all while watching TV, reading a book or chatting on the phone – It’s THAT easy.