Preventing Lower Back Pain

At the, we recently came across an article in Health living and wellness page of Helium website which mentioned ways to prevent lower back pain. It mentioned that lower Back pain can arise from different structures in the region due to various causes. When people are affected from this condition, it usually prevents them from engaging in normal day to day activities and will restrict their productive lifestyle.

The pain associated with the lower back can derive from bones, joints, ligaments, cartilages as well as muscles. The pain can vary from mild to severe depending on the underlying cause. The occurrence of pain would in most instances associate with unaccustomed activities such as lifting a heavy weight or activities needing unusual posture. Certain back pains will be long term and would be associated with age related degeneration of bones and cartilages as well as abnormal long term postures.

Following are several suggestions to prevent such back pains from occurring,

1. Sit straight

When you sit on a chair, make use of a chair with either straight back or lower back support. Always sit straight and do not lean forward. It is possible to pull your chair forward rather than you leaning your self.

2. Sleep on a firm mattress

An overly softer mattress can create abnormal angels due to the body parts sinking into the mattress. A firm mattress can prevent this from happening and will support the body parts with same intensity. The researchers are of the opinion that the best position to take up when sleeping is lying on the side with knees bent.

3. Adopt proper positioning before lifting heavy weights

When you lift heavy objects, do not bend from your back but rather bend down from your knees. This will relieve the back from bearing most of the stress in the process of lifting.

4. Warm up before engaging in sports activities and exercises.

5. Stand straight

When standing for a longer duration, it is recommended to bend the knee and keep the foot in a slightly higher position than the other. The foot should be alternated every 5 – 10 minutes.

6. Wear low heels

7. Take adequate nutrition

8. Reduce your weight if you are over weight

9. Practice relaxation techniques and reduce your stressors

If these steps can be accommodated, the lower back pain can be prevented in most of the instances. Once the lower back pain sets in, it should be treated adequately to prevent a more lasting effect. Rest, cold or heat compressions, massaging, pain relievers can be used in relieving the symptoms.

Preventing Lower Back Pain - Disk Dr.WG 30

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